Wedding Videographer Equipment

13th February 2018

Wedding Videographer Equipment

It is quite possibly my most frequently asked question, what equipment do you use to film weddings? I am not saying that I use every single one of these items on every wedding and there are some things I own that aren’t on the list but this is what I use to be a wedding videographer.

Wedding Videographer Equipment – Cameras

I use Sony cameras for all my weddings with a mixture of the A73 and the A7S Mk 2 being my camera.  The A7S Mk2 is awesome in low light and has built-in stabilisation which helps me be as discrete as possible and spend most of my time handheld.  I have these mounted on my hip on a belt which also helps with this!  I also own some A7S Mk1’s which are also amazing in low light and serve as back up cameras and for extra angles when needed.

Wedding Videographer Equipment – Lenses

In 2019 I had a switch around in the lenses I use.  I used to have multiple lenses for multiple uses.  It led to my wedding videographer equipment bag being a challenge to keep minimal.  Whilst I probably still own too many lenses I have definitely trimmed things back.


Audio Capture for Wedding Videographers

This is so important!  I use a couple of recorders my main ones being the Tascam Dr-10’s.  These are tiny little recorders and when paired up with my lapel microphones, which are some of the smallest on the market, it means I can hide them so easily that you soon forget you are wearing them.  I also carry some of the Sony TX650‘s in my wedding videography equipment bag.

Keeping the Camera Steady

I use Manfrotto tripods and a monopod to help keep the camera steady during the ceremony and speeches.

Wedding Videographer Equipment – Lighting

Absolutely love my fresnel lights for the dancefloor, they throw up some lovely lens flare and really help to make the dancing seem even more epic.

Big thanks to Esther Wild for the cover image.

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