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19TH MARCH 2020


How do you find the perfect wedding car hire for you? Whether you need to get from home to your wedding venue or you are getting married at a church and need to get to your reception venue. Undoubtedly, planning your wedding transportation can be a really difficult process. Hopefully, with a little bit of advice and forward-thinking, you can breeze through and have the perfect wedding car for you.

As a Wedding Videographer in Suffolk and Norfolk, I have seen brides and grooms arrive at their wedding in a multitude of methods, from good old fashioned horsepower through to a certain prancing horse and even helicopter. However, you travel you need it to be practical and also perfect for you.

Silverline Wedding Cars in Norwich

Who Do You Need To Hire A Wedding Car For?

The first thing you need to work out is who needs to travel in the wedding car. I walked to the church for my own wedding with it being so close and it was perfect for me and my wife arrived in a classic car with her bridesmaids arriving by a modern Merc.

Working out how many people need to go in the wedding party car(s) helps you make the decision of how many cars you need, the size of the car and/or if the car could do more than one trips. By doing this first means that when you start investigating suppliers you know what you are looking for from the start.

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The Logistics Of The Day And Your Wedding Car Hire

The next thing to look at is the logistics of the day. Do you just need to get to the wedding venue or do you need to travel to another venue after your ceremony? This will help you when talking to wedding car providers about the overall plans and what service you need them to provide.

A point often overlooked is a good wedding car supplier will review your routes. They will give you, in detail, some advice on how much time you need to leave to travel between venues. It is really important that you leave plenty of time for your journeys, I know it is traditional to be late on your wedding day but plan to be there on time and you can always take a scenic route if you are in good time.

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Time To Start Finding Wedding Hire Car Companies

As soon as you know what you need. Time to start hunting the internet for your perfect wedding car. A key thing in particular to look for in the early stages is reputation. Reviews can, unquestionably, give you a real insight into the business and the emphasis they put on making your wedding day perfect. I would always recommend that you look for a supplier who knows the area. I have seen wedding car companies travel from different counties to areas they don’t know and as a result, got lost between the church and the venue. This brings me nicely onto GPS, it is always worth just checking to see if the chauffeur will be using a sat-nav on the day or if they will be doing a dry run before the day.

Now it is unlikely, however, it is always worth asking the wedding car company if they have a back-up plan just in case anything should go wrong on the day. Knowing that there is a plan B will help put your mind at ease… just in case!

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Find A Wedding Car That Matches Your Personality

Another key point is the importance that the form of transport you choose matches you as a couple. The car is part of your day in the same way as the wedding dress and will be captured by both your wedding video and photographs. There are so many different options for transportation it is well worth choosing a mode of wedding transport that matches the style of your wedding.

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Kick The Tyres (Metaphorically)

Go and have a look! Of course, many companies will work in different ways on a wedding day and the cars can be very different in their look and current condition. You will only find this out by visiting the company to see the standard of the wedding cars themselves. There are also little extras that some companies will offer that others might not, for example, steps to help you get in and out of cars.

Have a good chat with the owner of the wedding car at length. Find out, above all, how do they work on the day, is the car exclusive to you that day. Even if there any time limits or extra costs that you need to know about?

Travel to your wedding in style

Time To Book!

Then if you are totally in love it’s time to book!! All in all, wedding cars can be very busy at peak times of the year. For this reason, I would always recommend not leaving your decision too late as you could miss out!

Most wedding suppliers will ask for a booking fee with the final balance being due before your wedding day. This is basically the same with wedding car suppliers. Make sure that your booking is secured with the booking fee and that you understand the terms in the contract.

Relax… that’s another thing ticked off the wedding list!!

Silverline Wedding Cars in Norwich

Big shout out to Tim Stephenson Photography for the pictures and Silverline Limousines for the help with this article.

About the Author

Hi. I’m Mike Savory, an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.He is a married dad of two who who loves spending time on his allotment, film, cricket and skiing.

Although I have to admit fear of breaking my recording finger has limited the last two to more watching than taking part nowadays!


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