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This will be no surprise to anyone who has followed me for some time.  Having known Tim Stephenson Wedding Photography for over 20 years.  He is without a doubt one of my recommended wedding suppliers.  Tim is a multi-award winning wedding photographer based in Norfolk. He has been photographing weddings since 2008 across the whole UK.

A Natural Wedding Photography Approach

There are many reasons why we work so often together.  A big one is that our approach is very similar.  Tim Stephenson’s style is about capturing your wedding day as it happens to create beautiful storytelling images.  You won’t find yourself stuck in any awkward or cheesy poses just the star of some stunning photographs.

Tim’s wedding packages cover your whole day.  No missing out or needing to choose which parts of your days you capture.  This is in a very similar fashion to myself which means when you do book both of us you get a dream team for your whole day.

Tim Stephenson Photography

Dream Team

First up, neither Tim nor I take credit for this one.  We have many nicknames individually (I can’t go into many of them!) but one thing our couples tend to call us is The Dream Team.  A reason for this is the fact that both our styles are very complementary.  Add into that the fact that we tend to know what each other are thinking.  On the whole, we are looking for the same thing and have the same final vision in sight.

A little mention to Kevin at Silverline Limousines who also christened the nickname The Chuckle Brothers!

The Dream Team Tim Stephenson Photography

The Memories Are Yours

With Tim’s packages, all the edited images are yours.  The only limit tends to be based on the day itself.  If your day is a bit epic then you are likely to receive a few more images.  Tim is a big believer in simplicity and his wedding image delivery follows this style.  You will receive all your images on a digital gallery system which allows you to download them as well as order some rather special wall art and albums.

After Dark Wedding Photography

When the evenings start to turn in.  One thing that starts to become more important is your photographer’s skills in low light.  It is always a question you need to ask your photographer is their experience with low light photography.  Tim Stephenson is a master of the use of light.  Having worked alongside Tim whilst he is setting up his night shots.  I have without a doubt seen his expert skills and knowledge when it comes to lighting a couple at night time.

Tim Stephenson Photography

Outstanding Wedding Photographer in Norfolk

Tim Stephenson Wedding Photography is an outstanding wedding photographer.  I highly recommend if you are on the lookout for a wedding photographer in Norfolk.  Definitely take a few moments to have a look at his portfolio and see if he could be the photographer for you.

I have worked with Tim all over the country so if you getting married and are looking for a dream team.  We offer our services all over the UK.  So if it’s a Cambridgeshire Wedding Videographer you are on the look out for I would love to hear from you.

Some Previous Weddings Working with Tim Stephenson

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