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The team at Silverline Limousines are an award-winning wedding car hire company based in Norwich, Norfolk.  There is a reason why Silverline has won “Best Wedding Transport supplier in the UK” at The Wedding Industry Awards, not once, but twice!

With Di and Kevin at the wheel, (pun intended) you know that every single detail will be meticulously planned.  No matter who your wedding car driver is, you can rest assured that the Silverline service will be of the highest level.  When your big day arrives your chauffeur will arrive in the wedding car you have chosen from the large selection.  

A big thing about Silverline is you will always find their drivers are there for you when you need them.  They’re never in a rush to get away and will make sure they will be on hand.

Silverline Limousines provide wedding cars for hundreds of weddings every year,  Every single one of those weddings receives the gold standard service.  Not just that, because the team are involved in so many special days.  They’re experts in what they do.

Silverline Limousines – Most Popular Wedding Cars

I mentioned earlier that Silverline has a large selection of wedding cars for you to choose from.  From an elegant Beauford Roadster through to minibus hire.  Without doubt, there will be a wedding car for you.

I would always recommend you take the time to go and see the options available at Silverline.  When you are looking to choose your wedding transport you can’t sitting inside.  This will really give you a feel of the vehicle that could be bringing you to your wedding venue.

I have a post which might help.  The link below is packed with advice on how to find the perfect wedding car for you.

How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Car in Norfolk

Let’s have a look at Silverline Limos top four wedding cars.

Chrysler Limousine

No wedding car business with Limousine in the name could be without the option of the classic stretch car luxury.  Silverline have a wide selection of limousines for you to choose from. With the Chrysler 300, you can get that real million-dollar feel.

I can speak from experience on this one.  I travelled in style to Hockwold Hall for The Wedding Industry Awards 2019Read More

The Silver Belle

This stunning Landaulette is one of Silverline’s flagship vehicles.  From the moment you see this car, you will notice the attention to detail.  With a wood veneer interior and diamante buttons decorating the cream leather upholstery. The Silver Belle gives you a real sense of luxury and is perfect for your arrival at your wedding day.  Read More

Imperial Wedding Cars

The Imperials are just a classic.  Imperial wedding cars are a classic style and Silverline Limousines have three of them.  All a beautiful ivory colour they will be a fantastic talking point from your wedding.  From the 1920’s seeing one of these gorgeous cars rolling up outside your preparations gives you the wedding buzz. Read More

Beauford Soft Top

Arrive at your wedding in an open-air tourer with the exquisite vintage wedding car from Silverline.  The Beauford is so elegant and perfect for your wedding transport. Read More

The New Kid on The Block

I mentioned the Beaford above which is a classic car.  If you want something a little bolder, why not check out the stunning Betty.  Betty is a pink long-wheelbase Beauford Tourer.  Without doubt, with its bold colour scheme, you will find Betty will become a feature of your big day.

Who needs a Tardis?

One thing I always find incredible is Silverline’s ability to arrive perfectly on time.  One day really stands out and that is Lisa and Ashley.  Lisa and Ashley were married at Hemsby Church in Norfolk. Tim Stephenson and I arrived at the church we saw Kevin driving past us from dropping the bridesmaids off.  Lisa was getting ready some distance away and I turned to Tim and said: “I’m not sure even Kev can be there on time.”

Not only did Lisa arrive on time.  Kevin even was a couple of minutes early so drove the wedding car to the beach so Lisa could have a moment.

Norfolk Wedding Videographer The LA Lounge Lisa and Ashley

Exceptional Service and Luxury Travel

Whatever wedding car you are looking for you will find an outstanding selection of cars at Silverline Limousines. With a real eye for detail and a fantastic service ethic, you can’t go wrong.  I highly recommend the team at Silverline and if you are looking for your wedding transportation contact them today and have a look at their fantastic selection.

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