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Whether you are planning a micro wedding from scratch or adapting a postponed wedding to match government guidelines.  Micro Weddings are becoming a very popular alternative to the traditional big wedding day.  While micro weddings are definitely not something new, however, during the 2020 pandemic, these became more commonplace.

Check out my 5 top tips on how to plan the best micro wedding.  If you are thinking should I have a micro wedding, check out my guide.  

Why Have a Micro Wedding

1. Think About The Memories

With fewer guests means there are less of your family and friends who experience the day first hand.  These people who care about you, without doubt, are going to want to know all about your wedding day. What better way to share the day with them than having amazing wedding photographs and a cinematic wedding film?

Whether it’s for sharing with them on social media.  Having a big party at a later date.  A wedding film can be a fantastic way to allow your friends and family to experience your micro wedding.  A few years ago I filmed a micro wedding where the couple had planned a big reception party.  The Party kicked off with everyone around a big screen.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  Alice and Duck were married in 2020 and had a small ceremony.  They then headed over to Swanton Morley House to capture some memories.  When they shared these on social media all their friends loved being able to experience the day.

Mike Savory Norfolk Micro Wedding Videographer


2. Consider A Wedding Planner

One of the big advantages of planning a micro wedding is that it does free up some of the wedding budget.  Why not use this to hire someone to help make planning your wedding less stressful.  Hiring a good wedding planner is an investment.  It is without doubt, worth considering, they have lots of connections which can help you have the most epic time.

Jo at One Curious Dream has specialist Micro Wedding packages. Check them out here.

3. Think About a Midweek Wedding

Part of the popularity of Saturday weddings is it gives you more chance your guests can make the day.  With fewer guests, the chances are that those who you want at your micro wedding are more likely to be able to attend.  Booking a midweek micro wedding can definitely help bring costs down.  This allows you to spend money on your guest experience.

4. What are the Must-Haves?

If you decide to go ahead with your micro wedding.  Brainstorm a list of non-negotiables.  There will be things that you and your partner don’t want to compromise on.  This could be having an amazing videographer you’ve seen on the gram, outdoor ceremony, that stunning wedding dress, flowers and many more.  By having a smaller wedding your budget may be able to invest a little more in making sure you have the best experience and memories.

5. Planning the Guest List

One of the most stressful things about planning a wedding can be the guest list.  One big thing to come out of 2020 is it has made many people realise it’s the closest to us that means the most.  This new view could be used to help with your guest list.  When planning a micro wedding you have to put aside any obligations you might feel to invite extended family and partners you don’t know.  What is often popular is to just invite your close family members and have a party later.  It’s important not to worry about people taking offence.  Explain your situation and go with what your heart tells you.

6. Get Creative and Make it Personal

Fewer guests at your wedding can mean more space for quality and creativity.  A small guest list can mean a more unique venue, stunning food, elaborate decorations/flowers and anything else you wish. It is also easier to make things more personal wit 15 guests rather than 150.

7. Structure your Timeline

One of the big bonuses of planning a micro wedding is it gives you flexibility.  Especially with a small wedding, you have a bit more space in your timeline. There are many traditions that you would normally look to choose when planning your special day.  With a more intimate day you can pick and choose which of these traditions you want to embrace.  No one is going to judge you.  With embracing the flexibility it gives you the chance to prioritise what matters most.  This could be going for some sunset wedding pictures and film or just spending more time with your closest family. 

Planning your Wedding Day Timings


It’s all about the experience

Having a micro wedding is all about one thing.  The experience.  It’s about you and just those who are closest to you seeing you making promises to each other.  Whatever angle you choose to take when planning a micro wedding.  If you focus on the experience of you and your guests you won’t go wrong.  These small intimate days are so special I love them.

I would love to have a chat with you about your micro wedding.  Contact me now.

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Although I have to admit fear of breaking my recording finger has limited the last two to more watching than taking part nowadays!


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