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Ozzy and Stix are a couple of professional musicians who do many wedding work in East Anglia. They are a popular duo and have a varied range of material that always goes down well at weddings.  I first met them at Maia and Graeme’s wedding at The Granary Estates.  It was one of those epic days where one of the highlights was these two rocking out the outdoor terrace.  You can check out Maia and Graeme’s sneak peek video below which is packed out with that party atmosphere.

These guys do something very different.  Awesome vocals with percussion and Bongos.  You can without doubt, guarantee a party.  People who have seen them always comment on their professionalism. They are not like some performers that turn up late and are sullen. This duo arrives in plenty of time and is popular with the people they work with and the venues’ staff. That kind of attitude goes a long way to starting any performance right.

They interact with the audience well, and there is a lot of personality in their act. It is rare to see acts that get on with a cross-section of ages like this duo. Ozzy and Stix are both talented musicians and a joy to watch. Check out this excerpt from the track “Let’s Say Together” below and you will see what a wanted duo they are.

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Choosing You Wedding Musician

Having live music at a wedding reception sets the atmosphere straight away. It announces that this will be a party/ Talented musicians can change the mood in a room as needed. The energy they can bring to the dance floor can be a game-changer and turn a family gathering into a family celebration. The reason why people love live music is the performance, the look, the feel, as well as the music itself. It hits all the senses at once, and when you have musicians that are also performers with a capital P, then the atmosphere becomes electric.

Live bands have individuality, and the music they play is played differently to everyone else who plays the song. Guests at a reception where there is live music are part of that performance. The musicians will reflect the way they react, and it is this interaction that makes it special.

Here in East Anglia, we have one particular duo that does many weddings who know how to impact a multigenerational crowd. Ozzie and Stix have become a firm favourite with the wedding circuit, and they are going to get even bigger in the future. Check out their Facebook page and see some videos of them performing live. You can see just how well the audience reacts to their

Ozzy and Stix as your Wedding Musicians

Finding the right musicians to perform at weddings is never easy, as at a wedding you are catering to an audience of various ages. Ozzy and Stix have the ability to pitch their performance to overcome age gaps, a sign of true professionals.

They describe themselves as a “Small Footprint, with a Big Sound.” and that perfectly describes these guys who have an extended repertoire of tracks from classic and up-to-date tracks with a unique twist. The term “unique twist” really sums them up. When a duo is as talented musically as these guys, they cannot help but add their own unique interpretation to everything they do.

Ozzy and Stix Norfolk Wedding Music

Ozzy and Stix are based southeast of Brentwood, Essex.  They cover the whole of East Anglia including Norfolk.  If you want to see your guests having an amazing time make sure you book yourself an Essex Wedding Videographer so you can remember it!

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