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Ever since you were young, you’ve dreamt of a fairytale wedding. You mentally mapped out the food, the decorations, and the venue. Now that you’re actually planning your own wedding, it’s exciting to see these things come to life.

Choosing a venue is exciting, but it’s stressful at the same time. You and your partner officially decided to have the wedding in Norfolk, but you aren’t too familiar with the specific venues. 

Look no further for help because below is a guide on Norfolk wedding venues. Make sure to keep reading!

What Should You Consider When Booking a Venue?

When planning a wedding, there are many factors to consider. All of these things will play into deciding on the perfect venue.

The most important thing to know is your budget. Don’t commit to a place your wallet can’t commit to. You’ll regret putting yourself in any financial hole.

Make sure to consider your wedding size. Are you just having close friends and family? Are you inviting everyone on your contact list?

It’s important to make sure you can comfortably fit everyone inside a venue. Be sure to ask each venue how many people you can comfortably sit.

Other things to consider are any packages the venue might offer and lodging accommodations. If you’re planning on doing a big open bar, having accommodations for guests is ideal!

Determining the Type of Venue

One of the best things about Norfolk wedding venues is the variety available for your choosing. No matter your style, there’s a venue you’ll love.

If you’re looking to get married in a church, you’ll find plenty of local churches to be married inside. Some are small and intimate, while others offer a much grander feeling.

Do you want to be married somewhere other than a church? This is no problem. Check out some of the large, beautiful halls and barns to host your wedding.

Many of them offer a variety of rooms for your reception to choose from. You just have to know what type of environment you’d like.

Some offer renovated ruins, complete with the beauty of deep-rooted history. Other halls set a much more modern stage with clean walls, large windows, and posh decor.

There are plenty of wedding venues in Norfolk which also offer outdoor wedding ceremonies.

You’ll also find Norfolk has plenty of other wedding venues like glamping and waterside set-ups. Consider booking somewhere a bit unconventional to really wow your guests.

Sit down together with your partner and chat about the type of venue you’d like to be married at. Decide how you want the environment to feel, and then find a venue that can make those dreams a reality.

Holkham Hall Norfolk Wedding Venue

Make It Easy for Yourself

Something to keep in mind when selecting your venue is knowing how far apart the reception area is from where you’ll have your ceremony. 

Many venues in Norfolk offer the luxury of being able to have your ceremony in one area of the venue and then simply hopping over to a different area within the same venue for the reception. This will save you a world of trouble.

By having the ceremony and reception in the same place, you won’t have to worry too much about directing guests to a different location, and you’ll have some time to sneak off and take pictures while guests grab a drink from the bar. 

Many of the Norfolk venues offer amazing bar and dining areas. Your guests will hardly notice if you sneak off for a quiet moment as a newly wedded couple. 

Some venues’ ceremony space is smaller than where the reception would be.  Always ask about numbers. You may just have to stick with close friends and family for the ceremony but invite more people to the party!

Check Out Lodging Options

Your wedding experience extends even beyond the reception. At many of the Norfolk venues, you’ll be able to take advantage of lodging in your wedding package.

Ask each venue how many rooms you’ll receive for the night. Typically, you’ll have access to a bridal suite and a handful of other rooms for close family or friends. 

This way, some of your guests won’t have to worry too much about setting up lodging arrangements and everyone can remain together for breakfast in the morning. 

Depending on the venue, some offer luxuries such as private gardens for each room. This will surely impress anyone staying the night. As they enjoy the private garden, you can enjoy your time alone as a couple in the bridal suite.

Norfolk Wedding Venues

Know the Space

It’s crucial to know if a venue has space for everyone and everything you want to host.

Develop a guest list and come up with the number of people you want your space to hold. Decide on things like whether or not you’ll allow a plus one for each guest and if you’ll have a kid-free wedding.

Once you find a space big enough to hold the people, double-check it allows room for other things. Look at the available bar space, room for a dance floor, and any other floor space you might use for food or a photo booth.

Touring a venue and visually mapping out where everything will sit will help you decide on whether a venue is a perfect match for you or not.

Think About the Decor

As you decide on a venue, ask event managers what sorts of help they offer when it comes to setting up the wedding decorations.

Some venues offer all the help you need in a package, including the tables and chairs. All you have to do is show up!

If you’re wanting to have more control over the decor, look for a venue that offers a blank canvas. This way, you can design the decorations from scratch.

Before becoming too set on decorations, check out the venue for yourself and get a feel for the space. Some venues have a grand enough design that you may not need to add much more other than some elegant table centrepieces.

Other spaces offer simplicity in their exposed brick or barn feel. You may decide you’d like to invest a large chunk of your budget into decorating. Taking time for some DIY wedding decorations could be the best thing to do.

Wedding Venues in Norfolk

Think About the Photos and Film

It may sound superficial to some, but it’s a valid point to think about the photos and videos. After all, if you’re paying money, you’ll want it to look amazing in photos even years later.

As you tour each venue, point out some places you’d like to take some photos of your own. You can then decide spots to set up photo opportunities for the guests. 

Try to pick places where there is plenty of natural lighting. You can search for large windows or outside gardens. If your wedding is in the evening, consider the lighting options you’ll have.

Look for unique photo opportunities at each venue. Whether it’s snapping a shot on a grand staircase or crossing a brick bridge in the garden, small moments make a big impact on the visuals. 

Luckily for you, Norfolk wedding venues offer an array of breath-taking moments to look back on in your wedding videos and photos. Working with your photographer and videographers in pointing out what you want to be captured is crucial for your big day.

Trust Yourself

At the end of the day, you know what you want best. It’s your wedding so you deserve to have the venue you want. Don’t worry about what anyone else has to say.

As you start talking to event managers and collecting the pile of venue brochures, make a list of the pros and cons of each venue. Determine if each location meets your list of standards. 

You won’t have to worry about not finding the venue you love in Norfolk. The wide range offers plenty of options for each couple. This should give you an ease of mind. 

If a venue doesn’t feel right, trust your gut in this decision. Even if it’s something as big as not having room for guests or a minor detail like not loving the wallpaper, look at other options.

Just take a second at each venue to pause, breathe, and really imagine what it’ll be like as you walk down the aisle. Imagine walking into the reception area, being greeted by those you love. If it makes you smile, go with it.

Choosing a wedding venue in Norfolk

A Helpful Guide to Understanding Norfolk Wedding Venues

Your big day might be a year or more away on the calendar, but it’ll feel like it’s just around the corner. Be prepared by reading the above guide on understanding Norfolk wedding venues. 

As you decide on a venue, know your budget, guest list, and personal standards. The wide variety of venues will provide at least one place you’ll fall in love with. Trust your gut in the venue decision because it’s your special moment you’re investing into.

As you decide on a videographer for the big day, make sure to check out the rest of my website. Contact me so we can work together to create in documenting the magic of your wedding. 

Wedding Venues In Norfolk

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