A Norfolk Farm Wedding Video

Sonia + Craig


Norfolk Barn Wedding Sonia and Craig

When the bride is obsessed with Harry Potter, the best wedding present has to be booking a surprise owl delivery of the rings. Sonia’s face was an absolute picture as the best man ruffled through his jacket “looking” for the rings. Then in flew a beautiful Barn Own complete with the rings.

When I first met Sonia and Craig at a wedding fair, they told me they didn’t want a wedding videographer, but after a short chat, it was lovely to get an email that night saying I’d changed their minds. I’m so glad that I did and that these two remarkable people invited me to what was a fantastic day!

The stunningly beautiful church of St. Peter’s at Melton Constable was followed up by the gorgeous Woodhouse Farm in Belton. Sonia and Craig had put so much time and effort into making every part of their day incredible, and it was a beautiful day all round.

We even had time to pop to a lake between venues where the couple got the chance to spend some time on their own and catch up on their mornings.

You guys smashed it! I am so glad that our little chat at Oxnead Hall led to you inviting me to be a part of it!!

About the Author

Hi. I’m Mike Savory, an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.He is a married dad of two who who loves spending time on his allotment, film, cricket and skiing.

Although I have to admit fear of breaking my recording finger has limited the last two to more watching than taking part nowadays!


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