AN Intimate Norfolk Church Wedding Video

Abi + Tristan

May 2021│NORFOLK

2021 Norfolk Church Wedding Film Abi Tristan Cover

What’s better than one wedding? Well, two weddings of course!

Abi and Tristan were all booked in for their wedding day, the plans made, all set and then like so many others they found themselves postponing. With the church all booked in already they decided to still mark it with their church ceremony. Then we get to do it again in August at the gorgeous The Norfolk Mead Hotel

I was booked in for an extra mini shoot just to mark the day and these two just smashed it out of the park. Days like these are why I love being a Norfolk Wedding Videographer.

A scorcher Of A Day In the Norfolk Sunshine

I arrived straight at the church, which is unusual for me, to find a beautiful mediaeval building backed but bright blue skies. Tristan arrived shortly after and it wasn’t long before most of the guests were inside the church. We were still in the position where you were restricted to 30 guests so the church had a very intimate feel.

A First Wedding Ceremony

Now, it’s quite rare for me to have a vicar reach out before a wedding ceremony. I will be honest, it sometimes makes me wonder why and if there will be rules that I need to know in advance. This time was different though. Little did I know until after the ceremony itself that this vicar was performing her first wedding ceremony. You wouldn’t have guessed a thing. With poise and warmth, Abi and Tristan were married.

Tristan had warned me that he was “likely to go” when he saw Abi. The reaction on his face was incredible. The tears flowed, in a good way.

A Quick Walk

I was only booked for a 3hr package. After the ceremony, we had just enough time to have a little walk around the grounds of the church to capture some couples time.

I can’t wait to get hold of these guys again later in the year where we can create some more amazing memories. Until then take a little look at this sneak peek wedding film!


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Mike Savory is an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.

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