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I always enjoy being a London Wedding Videographer.  London, an international city is no stranger to the camera lens. Every day thousands of moments are captured across this fascinating city. They range from mum and dad videoing little “Sam” to multi-million-dollar movies. Each film has its own challenges and purpose. To you, your wedding film is as important as any other piece of film in existence, so why not make sure it is the best it can be.

To you, planning your wedding, none of this means a thing. It is your video you care about and finding the right videographer is your quest. But how do you choose the right one? The wedding videographer can determine whether you will end up with a collection of video clips that are devoid of any spark, or a cinematic film that will be worthy of watching for the rest of your life.


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Award Winning Wedding Films


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Finding The Right London Wedding Videography Company

First of all, you need to choose someone who you can chat with and is friendly. To make the best possible video it is necessary that you can relax and explain your requirements and discuss options. You should get on well with them.

If you are hiring a videographer, then quite probably you are hiring a wedding photographer too. If at all possible, make sure that they both get on well together and have worked together before. That makes the logistical operation of the day so much easier.

Check out their portfolio and see if there are any venues similar to your chosen wedding venue. Make sure they seem to be able to work with whatever venue you have chosen.

Wedding videos vary a lot, depending on the style of the filmmaker. Some are heavily edited, others are raw. Some are formal and others are much more relaxed. Choose a videographer that produces videos the way you imagine yours will be. Talk to them and let him get the feel of what you want him to produce.

It is very important that at an early stage you are very clear about what the supplier is offering in their package. It’s better to ensure you fully understand this before you progress too far with hiring him as your wedding videographer.

Another important thing to consider is that you should not artificially limit your choice to local filmmakers. Top London wedding videographers will travel distances for work. If you find a wedding videographer whose work you like, do not be afraid to talk to him, even if he lives some distance away.

Remember, this is your wedding day and the video is your video, so take time and select the best you can find. Do not settle for the first videographer you find.

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Creating A Great Wedding Film

When making a Wedding Video it is essential to be as “invisible” as possible, unlike other styles of filmmaking there is no directing or staging of shots. The videographer’s job is to capture the happy event as it happens. A fly on the wall is the term often used.

The best wedding videos are those that are authentic and capture the small moments as well as the grand entrances. When the guests are unaware of the presence of the person filming, those special moments occur. Moments that show the true emotion of the day.

I am sure that you have seen some awful wedding videos in your time, like where “Uncle Bob” offered to take some video of the event. Even some novice professionals are guilty of not knowing their trade. Compare these to the cinematic style productions that I supply, and you will understand why it pays to employ an award-winning professional for your London Wedding Videos.

How to have the best Wedding Film in London

About Me

My name is Mike Savory, and I am an award-winning wedding videographer. I am most well known for the cinematic style of my wedding films, which I have been creating since 2012.

I have had the pleasure to produce over 200 successful cinematic wedding films. I would love yours to be one I work on in the future. My videos are based on one simple premise: That wedding videos should reflect you as a person and your relationship. It is essential that the video is authentic and allows reality to shine through.

I take pride in my attention to detail. If we have a good relationship and work well together then you will relax and it allows me to capture the very essence of the special day. Just like I did in my award-winning cinematic wedding videos.

In 2019 I was honoured to be awarded Wedding Videographer of the Year at the National Wedding Awards.

Probably you should judge for yourself by looking at some short sample extracts from my videos, where you can see my documentary style. If you can imagine your wedding featured in this way, get in contact, and let’s have a no-obligation chat where we can get to know one another and discuss your wedding videography needs.  I would love to be your London Wedding Videographer.

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What is in My Wedding Package?

Other wedding suppliers confuse the issue with different packages and options. I much prefer to keep it nice and straightforward. Keep it simple!

I arrive in time for the morning preparations and I keep on working for you right through until the evening party.

You receive a twenty-minute video film of their wedding, together with a useful highlights film (3-4 minutes), great for sending to absent friends, as well as films of the wedding ceremony and speeches. This is truly a comprehensive collection of films that capture the big day. There are a few optional extras which you can see here. These include my acclaimed “Love Story” films.

I truly believe that I am offering one of the most extraordinary Wedding Video Services that are available in London. If you are looking for a London Wedding Videographer then I am sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Start your adventure

I’d love the opportunity to partner with you and find beautiful ways to document your story on film! Give me a shout via the link below and we’ll get things rolling…

Areas I Cover

I offer my wedding videography service across the whole of the UK as well as destination weddings.  Here are some areas where I film most of my weddings.

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