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How To Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

2nd June 2020

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

I am delighted to be joined this week by Debbie from Ambers Rose who is here to tell you how you can preserve wedding flowers in Norfolk.

Who doesn’t remember that first glimpse of the bride walking down the aisle with her wedding flowers?  It’s that magical moment, the one that brings a swell of pride and love, never forgotten. The connection between Bride and wedding bouquet is special, they are with you all day, in every photo, on the top table, they are a reflection of your style. My name is Debbie from Ambers Rose Preservation in Norfolk and my job is to capture that moment in time.

I’ll be honest, I’m a big softie when it comes to bouquets and I still get that buzz every time a bouquet arrives at my door. Some have had a busy day, some arrive a little bit weary but you know what – THAT’S GREAT! It just means those flowers have seen a lot of love throughout the day.

Wedding Bouquet Preservation How to Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

What Options To preserve wedding flowers?

So what’s trending – that’s the bit you probably want to hear, right!

Loose Teardrop bouquets have been rising in popularity complimented by a crisp, white solid wood frame. Wilder than the traditional style favoured by thee Royals these are a cross between the loose hand tied and the trailing bouquet.

Flowers in Resin are still a popular choice, especially ones that spell the bride and grooms initials. The rising stars are the Metallic Glass Frames with one or two flowers as gifts.

How to Preserve Your Wedding Flowers

But it’s not just about preserving flowers! Did you know we grow a collection of the old fashioned scented roses and gorgeous peonies to harvest for our own brand of soft, natural, scented confetti. Or that we harvest flowers to make natural dyes for our range of silk bridal ribbon and luxurious silk table dressing. There we are, almost full circle back to the planning stage for your big day, harvesting flowers in the right colour and preparing silks to accompany your bouquet as you walk down the aisle.

From colour coordinated confetti and silks to full floral preservation, we are there to make your day magical. And to give you an extra special bonus we are offering 10% off all new orders throughout June and July 2020 using the code MS/AR 2020.

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