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Wedding Sparklers are becoming more popular. If the trend continues they will soon be as much a part of the day as confetti. Do you know what? I love sparklers at weddings!! Planning to use sparklers at your wedding can be an awesome part of your big day so here are some top tips to help you nail it!

Tip 1 – Check with your Venue that they allow Wedding Sparklers

Before you even think of planning wedding sparklers on your big day you need to talk to your venue. Have a conversation with your wedding co-ordinator to check that they allow the use of sparklers at their venue.

 Your venue will also be able to help suggest when works well as well as the best place to create the magic. It is worth also checking in with your wedding photographer and videographer around timings to make sure they are all set to capture the perfect photos and film for your memories.

Wedding Sparkler Exit

Liam and Martyn – SouthwoodHall, Norfolk

Tip 2 – Go Large! (With your wedding sparklers!)

You can buy different size sparklers.  The regular length ones you used as a kid on bonfire night burn out really quickly. You want to be looking to buy 30-45cm sparklers.

It is also worth checking the burn times to make sure you have time to light them all and enjoy the moment and get the shots you want. The last thing you want to do is find that the start of the line has burnt out before you get to the end.

You can actually buy even longer sparklers and if you are having a big wedding party it might be worth looking into these. Also having two sparklers per wedding guest can also help you enjoy the moment.

Large Wedding Sparklers Tips

Mafalda and Sian – White Dove Barns, Suffolk

Tip 3 – Let There Be Light!!

Make sure you get everyone organised. It is worth getting your DJ or coordinator to help you announce to your guests and someone trusted to hand out the sparklers.

Think about how you are going to light your wedding sparklers too! Matches just aren’t up to the task and will blow out in the wind.  Multiple lighters are the best way strategically placed along the line so that as many sparklers can be lit at the time where we shout go!

Also, have a group of guests ready to help you light the sparklers when the time comes.  The wedding party is probably the easiest way to go!

How to use Wedding Sparklers

Jess + Lewi – Hunters Hall, Norfolk

Tip 4 – Take Your Time

Walk slow!  So we have your wedding sparklers all lit and you’re ready to crack on walking through the sparklers, TAKE YOUR TIME!  This allows you to enjoy the moment better and also means you give your photographer and videographer the best chance to get the killer shots!

Enjoy it! It’s a fun moment when your guests are whooping and waving their sparklers, take in the moment and enjoy it!  A great thing to do halfway down the line stop for a kiss it makes for a killer shot!

Magical Wedding Sparkler Exit

Laura and Brad – Glebe Farm Barn, Norfolk

Tip 5 – Plan to Stay Safe With Your Sparklers

Wedding sparklers are, normally, pretty safe however they do pose a small fire risk. It is important to make sure they are handled correctly.

Finally, how are you going to extinguish and dispose of the hot wedding sparklers?  A lot of venues will already have a bucket of sand or water that they use specifically for this reason.

Top 5 Tips for Wedding Sparklers

Rebekah and Marcus, Titchwell Manor, Norfolk

Don’t Forget!

When you are looking to book your wedding photographer and/or videographer it is important they are capable to capture your wedding sparklers perfectly.

As a wedding Videographer in Cambridgeshire and further afield I always look to light your sparkler exit in a specific way.  I use high power spotlight behind you and lighting you from the front.  This helps lift the ambient light that comes from the sparklers, talk to your photographer or videographer.  How do they look to capture the moment? You can find wedding sparklers on Amazon. Always check out the reviews!

About the Author

Hi. I’m Mike Savory, an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.He is a married dad of two who who loves spending time on his allotment, film, cricket and skiing.

Although I have to admit fear of breaking my recording finger has limited the last two to more watching than taking part nowadays!


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