How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

11TH MARCH 2020

Choose Your Wedding Venue In Norfolk

You’re engaged and want to start planning. Undoubtedly, one of the first things to do is to choose your wedding venue. Selecting the venue for your big day is an important part of wedding planning. Without doubt, it sets the foundation behind a multitude of other decisions you’ll be making, such as theme, colour and decor. The important question you need to ask yourself is how is the venue going to match and represent your vibe and style?

Choose Your Wedding Venue Location

A great place to start is to ask yourself which general location would suit you both best. You’ll want to think of your backdrop and decide on a vague destination first and foremost.  By and large, this is a decision that will affect other details of your big day. Now that you have decided on the general location, you can start thinking of guest numbers and dates.

Once you have a rough idea of numbers this will help narrow your search.  After that, it is time to consider some other factors that might play a part.

Wedding Venue in Norfolk

Nikitta + Neezam – Happy Valley, Norfolk

Choose Your Wedding Venue Decisions Time

Now that you know where your wedding venue will be, you can start considering how to make sure your special day is memorable for yourself and your guests. Depending on your venue choice, you may have different priorities and decisions to make.

Ask yourself, do you plan on spending the majority of the day outside, inside, or a bit of both? Questions like this will lead you to make sure the venue can accommodate all types of weather. Also depending on the venue, you will want to work with your Suffolk Wedding Videographer to make sure that they showcase all the things you want from the venue – for example, if it is going to be in a historic building make sure they make use of the grandeur and splendour.


Really thinking about the style you want to show on your big day will also help you make sure you make use of the venue you have selected. For example, if you would like a boho style wedding with an outdoor vibe, but you want to get married in winter, you can bring the outdoors inside with the right venue.

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