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How To Choose Your Wedding Stationary Style

22nd July 2020

Choose Wedding Stationary Style

How do you choose your wedding stationery style?  I am delighted to be joined this week by Jane from Little Pea Designs who is here to talk about how to choose in Norfolk.

Naturally your wedding will reflect you as a couple. Your tastes and ideas will run through your special day with details and touches making it totally unique to you and your guests.
This is where your suppliers are invaluable, guiding you, and bringing your ideas to life.

When it comes to choosing stationery there is huge scope for bringing your wedding style right to your guests prior to your wedding day. The stationery is an ideal way to set the tone of your day. Use the opportunity to create something unique to you both and your wedding style.

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the years I have learned that no two couples are the same in terms of style and ideas. I love the individuality of each client’s ideas when it comes to choosing and designing stationery. By its very nature stationery is a creative medium and should be used to that effect.

Pick your wedding stationary

So, how do you choose your wedding stationery style?


Sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming with a wealth of inspiration out there whether it be Pinterest, Instagram or wedding blogs and magazines. It all looks amazing and creative and you want to have it all for your special day. But where do you begin? These platforms are a great source of inspiration but beware of getting overwhelmed. Simply use them as a tool to help you pull ideas together. You may even want to make a mood board to help you visualise your style.

Statement Style

I think that you need to start with you as a couple, and look to the things that make your heart sing. I often think that fashion and home décor are a great indicator of your likes and dislikes. These are the things that we choose in our everyday lives that make a statement about us and our style. You may opt for classic and timeless, luxe, rustic, boho…you get the idea. You will naturally pull towards your statement style when making your wedding choices too. Go with this and your style will shine through.

Wedding Stationary Style

Personal details

One of the key trends for 2021 will be the addition of personal touches to your wedding. For example, adding meaningful quotes to your veil and giving personalised messages to your guests. These can be incorporated into the design and included as part of your stationery suite.

Set the tone

Your stationery will be the first glimpse your guests get of your wedding day. The stationery your VIP’s receive will set the tone of your day so it’s really important to get this right. You want your guests to be wowed by your invitation. The design and quality of materials will make them feel that they are going to be attending a very special celebration. Micro Weddings being the new norm in 2021, with guests list maxing at thirty, means that your wedding budget will be much less than previously expected. This could give you scope to spend a little more on the details such as invitations. Choosing quality over quantity will be a key wedding trend in 2021.


Most couples will have an idea of a colour theme by the time they book their stationer. This could be influenced by your florals, bridesmaids’ dresses, cakes etc or simply your favourite colour/s. Your stationery is a perfect way to bring your colour scheme to your guests and to provide a cohesive vibe to your wedding, pulling all the elements together through colour.

Above all else be led by what makes your heart sing and you will make the right choices.

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