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Florentina Events are a wedding caterer based in Norfolk. Set up by Jake Weatherill Florentina provide exceptional wedding catering across East Anglia and further afield. Jake had a vision of what he wanted his catering company to become. He wanted to put those ideas into practice. Having already spent several years training in top restaurants, he felt the time had come to launch his vision and turn it into reality. In that time it has become one of the finest catering companies around.

Florentina Catering is centred on creating outstanding food.  Food that demonstrates attention to detail and inspiration.  All translated into reality by skill and technique. After six years of operation, the company has expanded from its Norwich, Norfolk base to a much wider area of operations.

Setting up Florentina Catering

At its heart, the business is all about the quality of its food, the quality of the menus, and the standards of service. The menu is tailored to your requirements, and the service will be second to none. Word very quickly spread about this new catering company and their attention to detail. It was because of the quality of the package offered that the company expanded.

Every event has its own bespoke menu, which is based upon the clients’ preferences and the available budget. The seasons are also reflected in the choice of ingredients. It’s this ethos that drives the success in event catering and private dining service throughout East Anglia.

Weddings With Florentina Events

One of the most important part of the wedding reception is the food. I was married in 2010 and people still rave about the food.

Many wedding venues will allow you to hire your own catering team. With Florentina Catering your wedding.  You receive a Restaurant dining experience on your wedding day. Their friendly waiting team will ensure your guests remember the experience of your wedding food.

First off, it is the time of day that will greatly influence the kind of food you serve. The time can impact what kind of catering you provide, whether it be a full meal or just appetizers and hors d’euvres. Some couples decide it would be a brilliant idea to serve just small food plates so that guests can mingle as they eat. A great idea, but if your event is happening at mealtime.  This may leave your guests hungry and leave early (just to get some food).

Without doubt, it is a fact that hungry people don’t dance. If you want happy guests who are up dancing and enjoying the party  Don’t them to be hungry. Even if you serve a full meal, some guests can be left hungry because you have not catered for vegans or other people with restrictions on their diet. A good caterer will advise clients on all of this.

Weddings With Florentina Events

Employing Florentina Catering to cater your wedding is an investment, ensuring that your meal will be a success and that your guests will enjoy the food. Their first-class customer service and gastronomic excellence will bring your ideas to life. A successful and growing company, there is a real passion and drive to remain one of East Anglia’s finest catering companies.

With a track record as good as Florentina’s, there is confidence in what they will produce, and this is one less worry for the clients. Head over to their website and find out more about Florentina Events and catering. Don’t forget, as always, if you are planning your wedding in East Anglia and are looking for a wedding videographer in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk or Cambridgeshire. I would love to have a chat with you about your wedding day.

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