A Summer Easton Grange Wedding Video



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On a beautiful hot day, Debbie married John at Easton Grange complete with their lovely daughter and, of course, Spiderman! This was a beautiful day and proves how a venue can look completely different at different times of the year.

Debbie and John first visited Easton Grange in Suffolk during the bleak of winter.  The weather couldn’t have been any different if it tried. This was such a beautiful day and Debbie and John were just a pleasure to meet and film their wedding day.  The evening kicked off with a party in the courtyard which only ended when after weeks of no rain we were treated to a cracking lightning storm!

There is a well-known beer that I think if they choreographed first dances then this would be it! Debbie and John and their little girl completed their family.

This was such a beautiful day.  One where I am reminded how lucky I am to be a Suffolk wedding videographer.  Debbie and John were just a pleasure to meet and film their wedding day.  This sneak peek is purely about a shot part of their day but such a special moment! 

About the Author

Hi. I’m Mike Savory, an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.He is a married dad of two who who loves spending time on his allotment, film, cricket and skiing.

Although I have to admit fear of breaking my recording finger has limited the last two to more watching than taking part nowadays!


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