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What a stunner of a Covehithe Beach Engagement Shoot this was!  Before the madness that is 2020 began, Amaia and Martin were meant to be heading to the beautiful island of Crete in June.  The hotel where the wedding was due to take place is one where Amaia has been heading to since childhood.  It is right on the Chania seafront near the old town where we will be taking a walk with these two in the sunshine!  I always love being a destination wedding videographer and I am so excited.

Like so many other couples their plans had to go on pause.  What better way to mark the year they were meant to be married than by a little trip down to the gorgeous Covehithe beach for a smashing the frames shoot.

Covehithe Beach

The little village of Covehithe is nestled on the beautiful Suffolk coast not a million miles away from the quintessential seaside resort of Southwold.  You access the beach along a long footpath that leads from the large ruined church, complete with a smaller church inside.  Covehithe has the unenviable title of being the area of the country with the fastest erosion rate.  When the first larger church was built Covehithe was not the small hamlet it is today.

Covehithe is a peaceful and quiet place.  The beautiful unspoilt beach runs for several miles in either direction, with Southwold being visible to the south.  Alongside the beach are the remains of trees that once lined the cliffs.  The cliffs, themselves, are very unstable and the fallen trees that are strewn across the beach are a stark reminder of the tides of change.

So Much Fun by the sea

With Tim Stephenson Wedding Photography in tow, we took the long walk down to the beach.  Along the way, we stopped on a few locations just to warm these two up. The walk was totally worth it!  As we rounded the corner and arrived on the sand there was also the added bonus of a cruise ship at anchor just off the coast.

Without doubt, this Mini Shoot is one of the funniest I have ever shot.  With me jumping in the sea and getting just a little bit wet.  There was so much laughter and fun.  I am a big believer in just letting people have fun when they’re on a shoot.  This was definitely one of those occasions.

I can’t wait to get these guys on a beach in Crete when the big day comes!

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Although I have to admit fear of breaking my recording finger has limited the last two to more watching than taking part nowadays!


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