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Hey, I'm Mike... a full-time wedding film-maker based on the edge of the Norfolk Broads


I’m a thirty-something (just about) married dad of two who loves film, cricket and skiing. Although I have to admit fear of breaking my recording finger has limited the last two to more watching than taking part nowadays!


I filmed my first wedding in 2009 and balanced filming weddings alongside my day job working as a manager at Tesco for many years before leaving in 2017 to live my best life.

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After starting out offering an editing service to couples who had family film their big day, I found myself thinking I could do something special here!

After filming some family and friend’s weddings, I soon got a bit of an itch to go one step further and start shooting weddings as a bit of a hobby.

It still seems incredible to me that going forward a few years it’s now just what I do. I genuinely feel so lucky to have a job which is also my passion. I can often be seen pinching myself to see if it is real!

I now spend most weekends shooting weddings somewhere across the UK at some amazing wedding venues. Most of my weddings tend to be in East Anglia, here in Norfolk we have some stunning wedding venues and it is always lovely to visit them for another amazing wedding day.

It has been really humbling to have been recognised as one of the best wedding videographers in the East of England I have been blessed with some lovely awards. Probably, one of my proudest moments was winning Wedding Videographer of the Year for the East of England in the 2019 Wedding Industry Awards. This was closely followed by being awarded 2019 Best Wedding Videographer in the National Wedding Awards.

How I Work

I’m a bit of a livewire and love a good giggle. I very much work in my own way, hopefully, bringing my personality to my work and any wedding I am lucky enough to be invited to.

I use small discreet cameras to capture your day so I can be as subtle as possible (however sometimes running is seen).

While I may not always take myself too seriously one thing I take completely seriously is providing you with the best possible memories of the most important day of your life.

Best Norfolk Wedding Videographer
About Mike Savory Norfolk Wedding Videographer

At 6ft 3″ one thing I often get is “wow, you’re taller than I expected” closely followed by “Erm, your cameras are smaller than I expected!”

My favourite moments are when a couple is relaxed and at ease. That’s why I use small, discrete cameras that way you soon forget I am there! (It’s true!)

Norfolk Wedding Videographer Mike Savory and Family

Areas I Cover

I offer my wedding videography service across the whole of the UK as well as destination weddings.  Here are some areas where I film most of my weddings.

East of England

South East England



East Sussex






The East Midlands