9 Reasons To Get Married At Hengrave Hall


Top Reasons for Getting Married at Hengrave Hall

Hengrave Hall was once famous for being the home of the Kitson and Gage families, who were Roman Catholic recusants. Today, Hengrave Hall is most famous for lending itself as a spectacular wedding venue.

Choosing your wedding venue is a rather daunting task. It’s one of the most important decisions you’ll be making when planning your wedding—next to who you’re going to marry, of course.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, there are plenty of reasons to consider Hengrave Hall for your nuptials. Keep reading to learn more about the venue and all the reasons to get married there.

Recent wedding films from Hengrave Hall.

The Hengrave Hall Manor

Hengrave Hall is one of the most sought after wedding venues in Suffolk, England. Just outside of London, you’ll find this Tudor-style manor resting among rolling hills, a sparkling lake, and the greenest meadow you’ve ever laid your eyes on. It’s quite the fairy tale of a scene.

But that’s not all!

Here are at least nine reasons why Hengrave Hall is the perfect place for you to say I do: 

1. It’ll Be Like Getting Married in a Castle

Hengrave Hall is a luxurious Tudor mansion that will make you feel like royalty. With its classical embrasures, conical roofing, arched doorway, and enchanting grounds, Hengrave Hall’s outward appearance bears great resemblance to that of a castle.

The inside of Hengrave Hall is just as exquisite. It’s modern, with wooden floors and plenty of natural lighting that makes for a whimsical setting. Its modern aesthetic is complemented by classical stone and marbled archways as well as several stained glass windows.

In essence, Hengrave Hall is a true renaissance masterpiece. 

Getting married at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk

2. The Mansion Grounds Are Absolutely Stunning

Hengrave Hall stands among 350 acres of lush formal gardens, orchards, and dreamy countryside. Whether it be the walled-in garden, the lavender-laced terrace, the serene fountain, or outside the front entrance with the colourful armorials in view; You won’t find a more photo or film-worthy place.

You’ll even have the option to light up the night sky with a fireworks show to commemorate the end of your big day.

Hengrave Hall Wedding Venue Suffolk

3. It Has its Own Private Church

Within just a few steps from the entrance of the estate, Hengrave Hall has its own private and idyllic church—the Church of Reconciliation. It’s quaint and perfect. The church is licensed for both civil ceremonies and partnerships, and it’s the only medieval church in Suffolk to host worship to the Catholic Church, making it quite unique. 

Why get married at Hengrave Hall

4. It’s Close to London

Arguably one of the best things about having your wedding at Hengrave Hall is that it’s close to London, one of the world’s most famous cities. To be exact, a car ride from Heathrow to Hengrave takes about an hour and a half. There are plenty of transportation options including a bus or train.

Of course, if you take a bus or train, you’re looking at a four and a half-hour ride

If you have guests flying in from across the pond, they’ll have the option to extend their stay and explore the city. Who wouldn’t love to take advantage of a little sight seeing? 

Hengrave Hall London Wedding

5. There’s Plenty of Room

Hengrave Hall is quite spacious, with 27 rooms available for you and your closest friends and family to stay. Of course, it probably won’t fit all of your wedding guests. Luckily, there’s a sister hotel—the All Saints Hotel—within nearby driving distance with 41 rooms on site. 

Additionally, the bridal and groom suites are incredibly spacious, so you can fit your respective wedding parties, hairdressers, makeup artists, some family, and more with plenty of elbow room. The groom’s room is even equipped with a pool table, a PlayStation, and a chessboard to let the boys blow off a little steam the day of.    

Why get married at Hengrave Hall

6. The Venue Comes with a List of Suppliers

Hengrave Hall knows how to do weddings right! The package deal comes with a list of suppliers for everything from cake to hairdressers to fireworks. Of course, some of the suppliers on the list are mandated, for example, the caterer—Milsom’s—is conditioned as a must-use. The suppliers for the lighting, music, and firework are also a must-use, although fireworks are optional.

For everything else, you can choose the suppliers recommended on the venue’s list or choose your own. That means you can use your own photographer, videographer, organist, cake maker, and more.   

Getting married at Hengrave Hall in Suffolk

7. You Can Decorate However You’d Like

Hengrave Hall allows you to decorate the Tudor mansion however you see fit for your big day. Of course, many will tell you that the mansion and its grounds are already so incredibly stunning that you really won’t feel the need to add much to the decor.

At most, previous guests have only played with the lighting and floral arrangements. It’s just one of those magical places that speak for itself!

Suffolk Wedding Venue Hengrave Hall

8. The Staff Are Incredibly Coordinated

From the wedding coordinators to the support staff to the caterers, everyone will be working diligently and efficiently for you. The entire staff at Hengrave Hill has spectacular attention to detail. There’s nothing they won’t do for you to ensure that the needs of you and your guests are met and that your day is especially beautiful. 

You can expect little things like fresh flower arrangements every day starting with the day you and your guests arrive, to big things like having the grass cut on command. Anything you want, all you have to do is ask and they’ll be happy to oblige you. You can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands at Hengrave Hill and that your day will run as smoothly as possible.  

Top Reasons for Getting Married at Hengrave Hall

9. It’s Picturesque During Any Season

The colours of autumn, spring, summer, and even winter all come alive on the Hengrave Hall estate. Whether you prefer the freshly blooming pastel flowers of the spring, the fresh snow of the winter, or the changing leaves of autumn, Hengrave Hall will shine through it all.

Why get married at Hengrave Hall

Capture the Beautiful Moments

The Hengrave Hall Estate is a place that’s meant to not just be photographed but filmed.

Regardless of where you choose to have your wedding ceremony and reception, you’ll want a videographer to capture all the beautiful moments. Get in touch today and I’ll discuss filming your dream wedding. 

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