5 Reasons To Have An Outdoor First Dance


5 Reasons to have an outdoor first dance

Let’s talk about outdoor first dances. Over the years I have filmed a fair few outdoor first dances, and I have always said they are 100% one of my favourite things to film. From Debbie and John who were my first and had a lovely choreographed routine, to Jade and Daryl who had theirs outside in the rain it’s always just that little bit magical.

Georgie and Daniel had their first dance on the patio of Southwood Hall a couple of weeks back and we included their sparklers they had brought into the mix and wow, what an atmosphere! It made me wonder why I haven’t filmed more and of course the good old British weather will play a part but if you are thinking of having an outdoor first dance or maybe it’s something you have never thought of before… Here are my 5 reasons why I think you should consider it!

Natural Beauty

An outdoor first dance allows you to take full advantage of the stunning natural beauty around you. From a sunset backdrop to your venue as a backdrop. The great outdoors can provide the most beautiful and unique settings.

Magical Ambiance

Dancing under the stars or in the soft glow of fairy lights can create a magical, romantic atmosphere that’s hard to replicate indoors. Plus, combine it with sparklers, lanterns, candles, or fairy lights to make the setting even more magical.

All About The Shot

An outdoor first dance can lead to some truly incredible wedding film and photos. Your first dance will not only be a memorable moment, but also a fantastic visual keepsake.

Fresh Air

There’s something genuinely refreshing about being outdoors. The fresh air can help keep you energised and your guests comfortable, especially during those warmer months.

Spacious Dance Floor

Whether you’re dancing in a field or on a patio outside your venue. An outdoor first dance can sometimes provide more space for your dance, allowing your guests to gather around and take it all in.

So, take it from me as a wedding videographer in Norfolk, it is well worth considering an outdoor first dance for a truly unforgettable wedding experience!