5 Reasons To Have A Bubble Exit On Your Wedding Day

30th OCTOBER 2023

Five Reasons To Have A Bubble Exit On Your Wedding Day

Anyone who has followed me for a while in my time as a Norfolk and Suffolk Wedding Videographer will know that something I always love to do is film something different. Now I have filmed many sparkler exits over the years, but recently I filmed my first “Bubble Exit.” Holly and Callum had bought a number of bubble machines as well as hand held bubbles for their guests.

The first thing I needed to think about was lighting. Now, I always carry a selection of lights with me from my trusty Spotlights, to my Rotolights so I knew I had the tools for the job. To make your wedding bubble exit pop (pardon the pun there) your wedding videographer needs to know how to light the scene.

Before I show you what magic you can achive below, here are my top five reasons for having a Bubble Exit on your wedding day!

Create a Magical Atmosphere

Bubbles can create a dreamy and magical atmosphere that adds a fairytale-like touch to your wedding photos and video. As you walk through the bubbles, seeing the light captured in each one you can’t help but smile.

Fun and Lively

Bubbles can add a fun, light-hearted and lively element to your photographs and film, capturing the joy and happiness of the day. It’s also fun for your guests. I mean, let’s be honest we all feel like big kids again when we are blowing bubbles!

Romantic and Whimsical

Bubbles can bring a romantic and whimsical feel to the images captured by both your photographer and videographer. Seeing how the light catches the bubbles and how they float about has such a special feel to it.

Memorable and Interactive

Not only do bubbles make for great photos/videos, but they also serve as an interactive element for guests. This can make the day more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Safer Than Sparklers

Ok, so a slightly boring one but as someone who has been set on fire with wedding sparklers it’s still a valid point. The amount of times I have found myself organising a group of guests to try and capture a sparkler shot. It definitely gets harder once alcohol is involved!

Thinking about having a bubble exit for your wedding day? Check out the short video below showing what a magical effect they can create!