5 Reasons To Book An Autumn Wedding


Reasons to book an autumn wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, there is so much talk of summer weddings and winter weddings. But what about autumn weddings? Often overlooked, the months of autumn have loads of brilliant perks that will make your wedding day extra special.

1. The Autumn wedding weather

You can never guarantee the weather. Summer weddings are not always sunny and winter weddings rarely see snow. With autumn, you should find a happy medium, where your day is neither too hot nor too cold.

Autumn is less likely to play host to extreme weather conditions, making it easier for guests to attend. Alongside this, you’ll ease the pressure of shopping for outfits, because there won’t be as many requirements. Summer and winter wedding outfits require a lot of thought, and you’ll often choose with a weather type in mind. With autumn, you can simply focus on choosing the outfit you fall in love with, regardless of the style.

Book an Autumn Wedding

2. The colours of an autumn wedding

Autumn colours are some of the most beautiful colours. With rusty reds, vibrant oranges and bright yellows, your theme will be full of warm and photogenic. This makes for really striking bouquets, centrepieces and decorations.

Not to mention providing a stunning backdrop for your photographs. They are perfect for rustic wedding themes, barn weddings and outdoor weddings.

Autumnal Wedding Why Have One

3. The availability

Choosing an autumn wedding means you are avoiding peak wedding times. Therefore, caterers, florists, photographers and venues are less likely to be booked up. This allows you to take your time to research your choices, and have your pick of the bunch.

You won’t have to settle for something you’re unenthusiastic about simply because it is the last remaining option. It also makes it more likely your guests will be available to attend. With those popular wedding seasons, you may find some of those you invite have already agreed to attend another wedding. Summer weddings are also more likely to clash with planned holidays and breaks.

Why Have an Autumn Wedding

4. The price

Just as availability is typically better in autumn, it can mean a reduction in price too. With less demand and therefore less work, you can agree much more affordable prices than you would during their busiest seasons.

Wedding venues in particular experience huge price fluctuation between seasons and this could save you hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds. Not only that but if you are planning to jet off on honeymoon after the wedding, you will beat the peak prices for a much more affordable trip. Plus, in many parts of the world, the weather will be as warm and wonderful as summer, so you can still relax in marital bliss beneath the sun.

Beautiful Autumn Wedding Colours

5. The food

Having an autumn wedding offers up some wonderful food options. From warming soups and stews, to rich meats with roasted vegetables, your options for flavoursome, comforting foods are endless.

You can also have fun with traditional autumnal favourites such as toffee apples, pumpkin pies and spiced cinnamon pastries. The colours of autumn foods are likely to match your wedding colours too, for a truly picturesque day, where everything is coordinated.

Reasons to book an autumn wedding

Making Sure You Get The Best Wedding Video

Having an Autumn Wedding is often something that gets overlooked.  I always love being a wedding videographer in Norfolk on an Autumnal wedding. It can often be a very special time of year and a great backdrop to your wedding day.

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