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why get married at voewood in norfolk

Why should you get married at Voewood? Around 40% of marriage proposers begin planning their weddings 1 to 3 months before they propose.

For most, the location is an essential component of planning a wedding.  Voewood is the best place to get married in Norfolk, UK, and I will tell you why.

Keep reading to learn 11 reasons why getting married in Voewood will give you a wedding ceremony of your dreams.

1. The Voewood History Is Special

Voewood is an Arts and Crafts style house located in Kelling, near Holt, Norfolk, England. Designed by Edward Schroeder Prior, the house sits on 11 acres of romantic woodland and breathtaking gardens.

Originally, the land was used for growing turnips. Schroeder took inspiration from the Arts and Crafts style and loved the idea of native trees and plants. He went out of his way to use local building materials when he designed and built Voewood.

The stone and flint they used to build the garden walls and house was excavated from the grounds. The excavation depth reached about 6 feet, which inspired the creation of the sunken south-east gardens.

The house’s plan allowed for a range of rooms to have beautiful views. There’s a three-story central portion, which is flanked by splayed two-story wings. There’s a library, a billiard room, an octagonal lobby, and a daylight basement.

Voewood feels like a castle in the woods and is the perfect spot for a wedding ceremony.

2. You Can Get Married Anywhere You Like

Unlike many wedding destinations, Voewood is fully licensed. What that means is that you can get married anywhere you like on the property.

While some choose to do so in front of the sunken gardens, others want to say their vows in front of Voewood’s majestic castle-like front doors. Newlyweds get to make Voewood their own, too.

When you get married, you have exclusive use of the house and the entire property for 2 to 3 nights.

Voewood Wedding Venue Norfolk

3. The Venue Is No-Corkage

Many engaged couples know precisely who they want to create their perfect wedding cuisine. Likewise, it isn’t uncommon to want to choose one’s wines.

At Voewood, there is no corkage fee, which means you can choose your suppliers without having to worry about wasting money on unnecessary corkage fees.

4. The House Can Accommodate Your Guests

Voewood accommodates 41 guests. There are 17 bedrooms, each one unique. They all have towels, linens, glassware, cooking equipment, crockery, and cutlery should guests want access to a kitchen during their stay.

The Grand Hall accommodates up to 120 seated guests for dining. Plus, there is a spacious dance floor so that guests can dance to their heart’s content.

5. The Venue Suits Anyone

Voewood boasts a style that can be dressed up or down. It is elegant, but also down to earth. It’s perfect for divas who want the perfect wedding of their dreams, and for down to earth couples who want a more natural, bohemian aesthetic.

Weddings at Voewood can be green and eco-friendly, too. You can talk to their staff about the stories before yours, and they’ll help create a plan and a vibe that accommodates precisely what you’re trying to achieve.

Whether you want to go glitz and glam or earthy and offbeat, the staff at Voewood will help your wedding dreams come to life.

Why Get Married at Voewood

6. There’s an Apple Orchard

On the north of the house, there’s an apple orchard. The layout is formal and perfect for taking photographs.

Along the north side of the Back Drive, some original fruit and nut trees named on Prior’s original plan survive. Planted in 1906, they are mostly overgrown but contribute a magical element to Voewood.

7. There’s a Sunken Garden

To reach the Sunken Garden, you must take a central flight of steps that descends from the terrace on the house’s south side. There’s a raised walk that runs south from the terrace on the same level.

On the south side of the garden, there’s a rectangular strip of lawn. On the east side, the strip provides access to the formal walks.

Paths of gravel quarter the garden, and there is a central fountain.

In the southern half, there are two formal flower parterres. In the northern half, there are two croquet lawns. On the north/south axis of the flower parterres are two rows of rose trees, planted initially to replace almond trees.

8. There’s a Kitchen Garden

Voewood has a walled kitchen orchard and garden. The walls to the south and north are canted, and the garden wall is 3 meters high. It is built of flint and double tiles.

Voewood’s enchanting kitchen garden has five entrances. One entrance sits at the north, along the Back Drive. It has a small doorway under a capstone segmental arch.

There’s an entrance on the south side of the garden, where a semicircular flight of steps leads up to the terrace on the south side of the house. There are two entrances on the west side and one on the east.

The garden itself is divided into eight rectangular beds, all stone-edged. Most are grassed over, which adds to the magical, natural aesthetic of Voewood.


9. It Sits on the Edge of a Quaint Town

Voewood sits on the edge of a stylish, quaint town. Holt, Norfolk is a town you can wander around in and get lost, mesmerized by hidden yards and independent cafes and shops. 

Guests can go into town and browse antique shops and galleries. Plus, there are plenty of bakeries, cafes, pubs, wine bars, and tea rooms to unwind and enjoy a drink or a bite to eat.

The Georgian town of Holt is beautiful, ridden with flintstone buildings, facades, hidden yards, twists, and turns.

10. It’s the Perfect Place for the Most Important Day of Your Life

Voewood has a spectacular history. Built in 1905 in a unique Arts & Crafts style, the house itself follows a butterfly’s shape. Each room captures as much sunlight as possible throughout the day.

While the castle house is nestled amongst 11 acres of woodland and formal sunken gardens, it’s only a few minutes from the fabulous town of Holt. Plus, it’s near the North Norfolk coastline, which boasts endless beaches and vast skies.

The building is over 100 years old, but it has been renovated over the last 20 years so that each room delivers its own style, filled with unique pieces from designers and artists.

11. It’s a Wedding Videographer and Photographer’s Dream

You are choosing Voewood as your wedding venue is both elegant and cool. Plus, at Voewood, your wedding photographer and videographer can take beautiful photographs and film that captures your dream day in all its essence and glory.

From sunken gardens to old stone walls, and from apple and fruit orchards to formal walks, Voewood is truly a photographer’s dream. There’s nothing more important about a wedding day than documenting it for memories that last a lifetime.

Plus, you don’t just have to document your wedding day. When you stay at Voewood with your guests for 2 to 3 days, you’ll be able to capture scenic natural moments with friends and family leading up to and following your special day.

The Voewood Decor

Details to Remember About Voewood

In addition to sitting amongst 11 acres of natural beauty, getting married at Voewood means you have the entire place to yourselves. Plus, correspondence and planning are easy.

Let’s quickly revisit some of the details about getting married at Voewood that make it the perfect destination wedding location:

  • One-of-a-kind Arts & Crafts house
  • Miles from the fashionable town of Holt
  • Fully licensed venue
  • Can accommodate 41 guests
  • Can seat 120 guests
  • No corkage fees
  • Choose your suppliers
  • Close to the North Norfolk coastline
  • 11 acres of enchanting woodland and sunken gardens

Voewood Is an Ideal Place to Get Married

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to get married, you won’t have to look any further than Voewood. Rich in history, woodlands, and unprecedented gardens, Voewood is an enchanting place to spend the most important day of your life.

Plus, you’ll have it all to yourself for the 2 to 3 days that you and your family and friends spend on the magical property. Whether you want a more elegant and glamorous wedding or a more down to earth, bohemian-style wedding, Voewood quickly transforms into the destination of your dreams.

Plus, they are black and white about their pricing. There are no hidden fees and no corkage fees so that you can choose your suppliers and caterers for your wedding day.

At Voewood, you’ll leave with unimaginably beautiful photos and film that you’ll never tire of looking at or watching. With so much history and beauty, Voewood boasts a cinematic appeal that helps capture the most important day of your life.

Are you thinking about filming your special day, so the memories last forever? As a full-time wedding filmmaker with a heart for documenting lasting memories, I love to help with the most important day of a couple’s lives.

Contact me so that we can work together to document the wedding of your dreams!


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Mike Savory is an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.

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