You’ve booked your videographer but the big question is how do you ensure you get the best memories of your special day?  Check out my 10 top tips to make sure you get the best wedding video.

When most people look to book a cinematic wedding videographer they tend to do a lot of research.  Looking at styles, inspiration and film types.  Do they film in a more documentary style or in a more staged way.  It’s important to know though that even the best wedding videographers appreciate a helping hand.

I have to start with a caveat. Without doubt, there is a big assumption here. That is that you have booked a quality wedding filmmaker whose work you have fallen in love with.

From my 10 years as a wedding videographer in Norfolk I have worked out some small tips that can help.  Read on to find out ten really easy ways to help your videographer out on the day to make sure you get the film of your dreams.


1. Tell Your Wedding Videographer Everything

Information is power and the more the person you have booked to create your memories knows the better job they can do on your wedding day.

I can’t express just how important it is that your videographer knows everything that will be happening on your wedding day.   A detailed schedule allows your wedding suppliers to create an outline for filming.  From where you are getting ready through to where you will be dancing the night away.

Your timings can be flexible on the day.  Knowing what will be happening when and where helps your wedding videographer plan and ensure they don’t miss any of those crucial points of the day.

How To Plan The Timings For Your Wedding Day

Trust me, wedding videographers will never complain that you have given them too much information so if it’s happening on the day then tell them.

Trust your wedding videographer

2. Have Your Bridal Prep Next To A Window

The time you spend with your closest friends and family getting ready for your wedding is always a key part of having a great wedding film.  The quiet intimacy contrasts with the intensity of the day ahead. The bridesmaid carefully laying out the wedding dress; the father patiently adjusting the nervous groom’s tie; the small bridesmaid’s delight at seeing her flowers.

Lighting plays a massive part in creating the right atmosphere for the preparation part of your wedding video.  Great lighting in a scene is a key componant to making sure you get the best wedding video. 

I always recommend natural lighting because it is softer and more versatile than artificial light. If you have a large window with light flooding in, you get a choice of lighting effects.

Many wedding venues will have lovely big windows in their bridal suites.  Getting ready by a window means that you will look more natural in the film and avoids harsh and often unnatural coloured lighting.

I understand this is not always possible, and in this case, it is worth thinking about the lighting in the room you are getting ready. Avoid a room with bright spotlights or one that and strongly coloured bulbs.

Top Tips For A Wedding Film Get Ready By a Window

3. Send Each Other Cards

Sending a card to your husband/wife-to-be on your wedding morning is a great way to tell each other how much you are looking forward to your day. It also allows you to tell each other how you feel.

Add into that, it also gives your wedding videographer the chance to capture natural audio.  Many of my couples are quite emotional when they read their cards. To bring the wedding film to life, I capture that raw emotion.

It’s really important that you don’t open the card in advance – wait until you have the camera on you, and then go ahead, read it out and you will be able to remember that reaction forever.

Send each other cards on your wedding day

4. Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

One question I get asked a lot is would I recommend a couple have an unplugged wedding. I am such a big fan I even have a post on why you should.

Why Have an Unplugged Wedding.

Having an unplugged wedding ceremony is excellent on so many fronts. The people you care about will be truly with you in the moment for your special day. It also means that your memories will be full of faces and not phones.

Getting rid of the phones and allowing your wedding filmmaker to do what they do is the best way to ensure your wedding is being preserved precisely the way you want it to be.

Finally, it puts you in control, so you can be confident you won’t find snippets of your wedding ceremony all over social media.

How to Have the best wedding video unplugged ceremony

5. Write Your Own Vows

A huge part of creating the best wedding video is to have gorgeous audio to work with.  A great way to achieve this is to write your wedding vows!

As a wedding filmmaker, it also is great when a couple writes their vows as it helps build the emotion of the day and also allows me to tell your story.

The idea of writing your wedding vows can be scary! They are such complicated words when we have to sum up all the love we have in just a few words.  If you need any help on how to write your own wedding vows check out my top tips.

How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Trust me when I say though, get this right and your wedding videographer will thank you for it when they have all those lovely words to use on your wedding film.

Write your own vows for a best wedding film

6. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Emotion

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most emotional days of your life. You might as well get used to the idea. As you go through the day, you are sure to experience a whole spectrum of feelings.

If you feel some tears coming during emotional parts of the day, don’t hide them, embrace them. It shows how much you mean to each other and will be a moment you can remember forever.

Tips for the best wedding video show your emotion

7. Plan Time For Your Couples Shoot

When you are planning your wedding timings, make sure you set aside some time in the day to allow for a couples shoot. If not you can find that with so much going on, the day slips away and the chance to catch some magical moments may be lost.

It is your big day, and it’s so important to capture some together moments for just you and your new husband or wife.

The other great thing about your couples shoot is it is a real chance for you to both be together away from all your guests. Yes, you will have a photographer and videographer with you too, but it is a great chance to enjoy each others company.

You may want to split your couple shoot into different elements.  Perhaps a formal section shortly after the ceremony, with wedding outfits still pristine, and a more relaxed shoot later, when the speeches are over, and a few crumples in the dress and a loosened tie give a relaxed look. This works particularly well at sunset – which we will come onto next.

Magical Memories from the best wedding videographer couples time

8. Don’t Forget Golden Hour

If you want to make sure you get the best wedding video then you must remember Golden Hour!  Sunset and romance are inextricably linked. The magical light of golden hour is something that you want to include in your plans.

Here’s the scientific bit. As the sun appears lower in the sky, the light is having to travel further through the atmosphere, and as this happens the colder blues and greens are scattered, leaving the warmer oranges and reds.

The golden hour starts around an hour before sunset and can be at it’s best in the last 20 minutes before the sun dips below the horizon.

I highly recommend you make the most of the soft, gentle light by planning in some time to capture some precious couple moments in front of a beautiful backdrop.

You won’t regret it!

Golden Hour Best Wedding Film Top Tips

9. Throw Some Shapes

I always remember on my wedding day that when my wife and I were on the dancefloor, so were our guests. When the formalities are over, it’s time to let your hair down and have a good party.

By the time you get to the evening, it’s all about having fun. The more serious or nerve-wracking aspects – the ceremony and speeches – are over, guests have dined, the wine has been flowing and it’s time for everyone to let their hair down. Whereas parts of your day are formal and structured, the evening event brings spontaneity.

You probably want the dancefloor all to yourselves for the first dance, but after that, the last thing you want is an empty dancefloor. Ask your DJ or band to have a classic dance track at the ready, one that you know is guaranteed to get a good number of your guests straight up to show off their moves.

Choose Your First Dance Song

A packed dancefloor is an excellent backdrop for some epic memories. When you book your DJ or Band, it is definitely worth thinking about what songs people are most likely to get up and dance.

Don’t forget, though, the more you dance yourself, the more your guests will too.

Party Hard on your wedding day for the best wedding video

10. Trust Your Wedding Videographer

Quite possibly the most important of my ten top tips. You have booked yourself an experienced wedding videographer who has taken the time to learn their craft. It is vital that you allow them to not only do their job but let their creativity flow.

Some of my favourite moments in my wedding films have come directly from what seemed like a crazy idea. My couple has trusted me and gone for it.

So if your videographer comes up with an idea on the day go with it, it will probably be awesome!

Trust your wedding videographer norfolk advice

Making Sure You Get The Best Wedding Video

Having the best wedding video to remember your special day is something not to be underrated.  This makes looking at wedding videographers one of the most important things you can look to do.  Nothing else can truly allow you to relive your big day over and over.  Spending a little time planning in advance can remember those memories in the best way possible.

The art of wedding videography is one of creating a story and what a wedding story it can be!

I hope these tips help you make sure you have the best wedding film possible.

Header image by Tim Stephenson Photography.

About the Author

Hi. I’m Mike Savory, an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.He is a married dad of two who who loves spending time on his allotment, film, cricket and skiing.

Although I have to admit fear of breaking my recording finger has limited the last two to more watching than taking part nowadays!


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