10 Reasons To Get Married At Godwick Hall


Why Get Married At Godwick Hall

If you’re planning to get married in Norfolk, you won’t want to miss out on Godwick Hall.

Sure, there are plenty of incredible venues around, but none of those weddings has what a Godwick Hall wedding has! From its romantic history to its picturesque atmosphere, it’ll only take one look to fall in love.

To learn more about Godwick Hall and why it’s the perfect place to have your wedding, keep reading.

Watch some recent wedding films from Godwick Hall.

Introducing Godwick Hall

Godwick is a beautiful deserted village in Norfolk. It’s nestled between the villages of Tittleshaw and Whissonessett, just south of Fakenham. There are over 200 deserted villages in Norfolk, but Godwick is among the last of the well-preserved sites, making it a heritage site.

The 450-year old village combines medieval romance with a magnificent rural setting, making it a very popular wedding venue. The luxurious accommodations of the large Godwick house will rival that of any boutique hotel, and it offers a wonderful list of amenities that will suit your needs whether you’re a guest or the bride and groom.

In case dreaming up a rustic, bohemian wedding with the backdrop of a stunning sunset isn’t enough, here are 10 other reasons why you’ll want to have your wedding at Godwick Hall:

1. It’s Got the WOW Factor

Godwick Hall and its grounds are a vision that will stay with you and your guests long after your wedding. Gorgeous blue skies, a blazing sun, an enchanting sunset—all lightly hovering the historic medieval village. The venue’s entire atmosphere complements the old quaint house that overlooks the barn, the church, and the grazing land.

It truly is a place frozen in time, giving it that WOW factor that words just don’t do justice for.

Why Book A Godwick Hall Wedding

2. It’s Rustic-Chic

If you’re the type who loves farm-like venues—or, even if you’re not—Godwick Hall and Barn will sweep you off your feet. It has the perfect balance of rustic and chic to bring you the barnyard style you want without being overwhelmingly ‘farmy.’

It’s especially a wonderful space for an outdoor celebration. You and your guests will feel enchanted by the scenery as day turns tonight and you and your guests dance among a floral landscape beneath twinkling stars.

3. It’s a Blank Canvas Wedding Venue

One of the best things about a Godwick Hall wedding is that no two events are ever the same. As I said, the rustic-chic style isn’t overwhelming, as the venue presents itself as a blank canvas. You likely won’t need to go overboard with styling the decor, but it’s yours to decorate however you’d like.

From your colour scheme to the lighting to your floral arrangements, everything can be customized your way. The grounds staff and your suppliers will all work with you to make sure everything is perfect for the big day. In fact, they encourage you to dig deep and get detailed with everything!  

Why Godwick Hall

4. There is Onsite Accommodation

Godwick Hall can provide accommodations for up to 22 guests. The house itself has seven luxurious bedrooms, and there are three Shepherd’s Huts on the grounds. That should be enough for the bridal and groom parties, immediate family, and a close friend or two.

There are plenty of other accommodations nearby that suit all price ranges. It’s also   

5. You Can Choose Your Ceremony Location

The Godwick grounds offers a handful of locations for you to have your wedding ceremony and celebrations. There’s a small church within walking distance of Godwick Hall, the Godwick Barn, and of course, the house itself. Their large entertaining space within the barn can hold up to 160 guests, but it’s likely that you’ll want an outdoor or duo-ceremony.

This allows you to plan for a huge celebration or a small intimate gathering.   

Stunning Godwick Hall Wedding Venue

6. The Church is Within Walking Distance

You can choose to marry right in Godwick Hall, which seats up to 30 guests, or you can have everyone mozy on over to the church right next door. You can also have an outdoor ceremony if you wish, but the best part about it all is that no one has to drive to and from the venue to the church and back!

7. They’ll Provide You with an Entire List of Suppliers

The Godwick Hall team have a whole list of local suppliers that they’ve worked with throughout the years and trust. You can use this list for all of your wedding necessities from start to finish or you can choose to bring in your own people if you wish. You can also make use of Godwick’s in-house bar and kitchen or you can supply your own alcohol.

Remember, the folks at Godwick Hall encourage you to customize and have your wedding your way. Flexibility and professional, friendly service is their motto, so really, anything goes!

Godwick Hall Ruins

8. There’s Plenty of Space

As I’ve mentioned, Godwick Hall and its grounds are suitable for small intimate celebrations as well as huge parties. Their indoor accommodations will seat up to 160 guests, and of course, if you have more you can set up a duo-ceremony that utilizes both indoor and outdoor space. 

9. It’s Got Incredible Acoustics

The Godwick Barn has huge oak beams and a high-pitched roof that’s not only aesthetically beautiful but also provides for excellent acoustics. That makes it perfect for speeches and your entertainment, especially if you’re hiring a live band. 

10. It’s Both Kid and Pet Friendly

It’s your wedding and therefor your choice who comes. However, Godwick Hall and its grounds are both kid and pet friendly for those who can’t leave their little ones or four-legged friends at home. So, if you plan to have your dog as the ring bearer, Godwick Hall is the perfect place for your wedding. 

Capture the Memories

Pictures don’t always do justice for a beautiful event filled with love and joy. If you really want to capture those moments and the breathtaking scenery that surrounds Godwick Hall, you’ll need a videographer. Reach out today to discuss your upcoming nuptials and your vision for your wedding—so I can get it all on film for you to cherish forever. 


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