10 of the Best Wedding DJs in Norfolk


10 of the Best Wedding DJs in Norfolk

Finding the right DJ for your wedding is important, there is more to being a good DJ than standing there playing music. I have worked with many DJs as a wedding videographer in wedding venues across East Anglia. Here are some of the best Best Wedding DJs in Norfolk based on my experiences.

Finding the right DJ is essential, as it is the DJ who controls the mood of the celebration, and gets your guests up on the dance floor. Your DJ needs to know the names of the central figures of the wedding, should be an expert on keeping things moving and making those important announcements. Expertise in playing the right selection of songs for an audience of various ages, that incorporates some of the bride and grooms favourite songs is key.

Most importantly, a great wedding DJ will ensure they talk to both the happy couple, to understand their wishes. They should also work with the venue ensuring that everything will run smoothly.

I have put together a list of what I consider to be some of the best wedding DJs in Norfolk.

1. Nick Chatten

Now Nick Chatten is a guy who understands weddings and he has won so many awards from the wedding industry that I just do not have room for them here. Nick offers his services as an all-day wedding host. Not only does he have so much experience in the choice of music that will fill your dance floor, but he serves as a master of ceremonies too, making announcements and keeping things running in such a charming manner that heightens the emotion of the day. You without doubt always rely on Nick to have your guests up rocking the dance floor.


2. Synergy Entertainments

With twenty years of experience as a wedding DJ, and offers state of the art lighting, and an extensive collection of music back to the 1950s. He has been awarded the Best Mobile DJ in Norwich Award for the last three years. Vinny will always provide your wedding entertainment in a professional manner with his mobile disco service. A great feature of Synergy Entertainments is that they will set up a private area on their website where you can build your own custom playlist of songs to include on your special day.


3. Epic Sounds

Dan Ellis’ Epic Sounds are an experienced company with over 20 years experience, and believe me, experience is important. Over twenty years you get to learn a lot on the job and can face with confidence everything an event throws at you. Dan and his team will always play a wide range of music during your wedding party. Epic sounds are also particularly good at helping to organise themed weddings with them being part of the excellent Epic Event Hire.


4. Paul Allen

Paul Allen DJ is holder of the UK Wedding DJ of the Year, awarded by then 2020 Wedding Industry Awards. Paul is not a DJ that does weddings, his business and website are focused on weddings. Paul understands the importance of good communication with the client so that he can produce exactly the kind of event the happy couple are looking for. It is communication that makes a difference.

It is special touches that Paul can add to your wedding package that make all the differences. Things like a Traditional Mirror Ball, Themed coloured lighting that can be set to match your own colour theme, and low lying fog to make your first dance seem like a dream sequence. He has invested in so much more to make your wedding just perfect.


5. The Right music

The Right MusicΒ specializes in weddings and they have doneΒ over a thousand weddings to dateΒ  (Including my own!). They have a real-time list of over 30,000 tracks and through the website, you can ask for up to 220 tracks to create your own personal playlist.

This makes sure you have full peace of mind that you will get the tunes you want! They offer some extra features like a professional photo booth and assistance with finding that perfect track for the first dance. He also has video monitors that will display photos taken during the day on the screen during the perfect wedding evening.


6. Connections

Connections Entertainment offer a choice of ten different DJs and have photos and bios of them all on the website. The company was founded by Darren Flynn who has an international pedigree working abroad. As a Wedding DJ Norwich, he understands how important the DJ is to the ultimate success of your event.

Connections have developed a program designed to make planning the wedding so easy and fun. They have extensive knowledge of all things wedding music and you know you will be in safe hands.


7. DJ Sebina

DJ Sebina is not so much a specialist wedding DJ as a club DJ who loves playing a wedding day. She has worked a number of weddings so is experienced, but she may appeal more to a younger wedding party. She describes herself as a clubs and bar DJ and is great at getting a party moving. Take a look at her FaceBook page for more information.


8. A&M Events

With 35 years of experience of providing wedding entertainment, A & M Events certainly have served their time and picked up a lot of experience along the journey. Offering an exceptional disco hire service. A&M understand the importance of meeting the client in advance to discuss wishes and to clarify how the event will go.

As I said in my introduction, this is an important factor in ensuring your celebration goes the way you dreamed of. They also provide a free confetti cannon for the first dance.


9. KSD Mobile Discos

KSD listen to their clients and accommodate all their special requests. Skilled DJs who will use their expertise to keep your dance floor full. Have you ever been to a wedding where some novice DJ is so inept that hardly anyone dances and if he does manage to get people dances he destroys it by playing the wrong track which clears the floor.

KSD have DJs that understand how to keep the floor alive and will make your special event all the more memorable.


10. DJ Barney

Finally, we have DJ Barney, another DJ with a feel for contemporary music and ten years experience. Barney can get the floor moving and can provide a host of extras like mood lighting, starlit backdrop chair covers, confetti cannons and so on.


The DJ at the evening wedding celebration is going to make or break the big day. Yet still, DJs are booked because someone has a mate who might do it or some other tenuous connection. If you are looking to book a DJ you need to find someone with excellent customer service. An extensive experience of providing a complete disco. You should contact the professional wedding DJ and talk to them, get references, read every review and find out exactly what experience they have and what they offer. If you want to hire one of the Best Wedding DJs in Norfolk, then check out my top 10 above and contact them.

Of course, once the party has kicked off you will no doubt be on the lookout for a Norfolk Videographer to capture your happy memories of the perfect evening.

About the Author

Hi. I’m Mike Savory, an award-winning Wedding Videographer from the UK.He is a married dad of two who who loves spending time on his allotment, film, cricket and skiing.

Although I have to admit fear of breaking my recording finger has limited the last two to more watching than taking part nowadays!


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